Saturday, 19 December 2009

What a week,

Sorry it's been a while since our last post!! baby and all that!

Yesterday we went as a family to Burton boy and top ship girls wedding (Mike and CLare Allen) It was a lovely day they looked amazing and the snow made to whole day look fantastic.

Thanks you for all cards of baby and christmas,
We continue to explore Harold Hill, and we continue to find an estate with a close community feel.

As a team we are enjoying getting to know each other, it is amazing spending time with people who just get it and are as passionate about community based mission as we are.

There are of course challenges, as we give out hampers we want to more of a help rather that looking like we think we've saved people christmas'. ( and who did we say they are from as the church doesn't exist!!)

As we work with one part of the community we are aware that this could be excluding us from working in another part of the community. As , like all communities, not all the community would work together.

There are so many good ideas and not all are linked to our vision, those who received our team newsletter will know we planned to give out donuts to shop keeps, however our conclusion and calling is to serve those on the edge of HH and on refection we realise this didn't do that. so we've come up with a different plan

As a team this is a very important and interesting week.

Steve and Lauren complete on their house in HH ( Hurray)
Rich and Steve are doing the funeral for a 21 week old baby on monday.
The Team are leading the carol service in the local pub on tuesday night
The team are giving out hampers to 5 families/ people ( thanks to contacts and friendships from local sure start centres and the family support teams)
The team are giving donuts and cakes to the staff of the local sure start centres who serve local families so well) ( sSSHHH don't tell them)
The team are going to have a relaxing evening together on christmas eve before seeing our families and friends.

PLease pray for all the above.

Happy christmas and New year, if you didn't get a copy of team news please email me,

Love and Prayers


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