Friday, 12 February 2010

Alison writes

Life on Harold Hill is treating us well and we’re starting to build relationships with those we’ve met. Jess, Anya and myself enjoy going to a parent and child play session at the children’s centre each week. It’s great to mix with the parents there and also getting to know the staff. Jess particularly has fun with the paint and glitter! Caleb has just got over chicken pox so we’ve all been stuck inside and await the girls getting it. It’s been good to help out a family this week who have just had twins with some meals. Another great thing has been getting to know Steve and Lauren better and enjoying the fact they are closer now and on the hill. I guess for me at the moment it’s a case of being patient as I adapt to life with 3 kids whilst trying to meet new people and see how God develops things here. Life with 3 is manic but fun! In the craziness of it all I’ll keep trying to listen out for God and hope I’ve got the energy for whatever he has in store.

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  1. I hope it's all going well for you all, I'm not surprised that you are tired with three little ones! Jenny x