Monday, 10 January 2011

Happy New year

Welcome to 2011!!
seems only yesterday i was a young boy with only the 6 nations on my mind at this time of the year! still!!

I hope you had a relaxing break, we did.

What do you do with those who wind you up, i must admit this week i've come across a couple of parents whose attitude to their children needs a serious think.

God give me the Grace to Love those whose attitudes and action i can see damaging and destroying young lives!

Funny story this morning ALison and i were going to spend the morning praying for our team HH etc, we were just about to start when there was a knock at the door! we had the local minister prayer time at ours!! totally forgotten, good job we were in. Still at least we spend the morning in prayer!!

we would value your prayers on the 26th Jan i start a parenting course with the youth service and Alison starts one with me in the mornings, in the next two weeks i've got to visit around 25/30 homes!! what an opportunity, but it's a lot to fit into the coming week.

Love and Prayer

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  1. Hi,
    Great to hear your news but wondered how your re-arranged Christmas service went?
    Happy new year and best wishes
    John & Wendy