Friday, 25 February 2011

Eastern Baptist assembily

It was better than it sounds, promise!!

Glen marshall was one of the speakers and was talking about our need to open to be converted by God away from traditions that we have held dear. He used peter and his encounter with cornelius ( in acts) to illustrate this.

This i found most comforting. Over the last year and a half not only has i had most of my ideas about church shaken and turned upside down, but I've also had lots of my ideas about God shaken and turned up side down. Those times when from behind the comfort of the pulpit ( not that i ever use it!) i've given easy, often over repeated statements about God, which when you're face to face with your own sinfulness or the mess of those around you just don't seem to be enough. I've realised that i'm not sure what i know/ think about God in so many areas of my life.

Now don't panic i've not lost my faith, i think if anything i'm finding it!

Thank you God for continually converting me.

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