Thursday, 10 March 2011

"i feel clean"

Pancake night was great and people committed to trying to fast for 40 days.

Take a look on face book at events "church 123 40 days of lent" event. but so far it's going well.

Today has been a day of excitement and disappointment.

Firstly there was a role in the local community that i had been hoping to do and dropped a few hints that i'd like to do it, but sadly it's not come about and someone else has it. ( gutted)

Secondly Alison at her thursday morning group has been having more and more chats about God.

Some of those who come have catholic backgrounds and one of them said. " when i attend you events i feel so calm, (which has surprised us as our event are often so crazy!!) the mum when on to say, not only do i feel calm, but i also feel clean.

One of her friends is having us around for dinner tonight and they are coming too and now they want us to share communion together!!!


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