Tuesday, 20 September 2011

where am i?

Where am I?

Once a week I feel compelled to join a community for an hour or so, so where am I?

I am greeted by the Shepherd of this flock, whether they are on duty or not they're always there to check who is attending and who is not.

I'm inspired by this Shepherd, where they show concern for all, even those who are clearly hard work and who often make a nuisance of themselves. This Shepherd is there almost every week without fail serving this community in many ways which are not noticed or thanked, and when this community is threatened the shepherd stands tall to protect their flock, so where am I?

My hour or so in this little community always has the same rhythm, the same sacred topics of conversation, those whose voices are heard louder than others and those whose voices ignored when they bravely speak up.

Everyone has their own seats! Their own positions of residence within this little community and every week there in the same place, they gather to reflect on the their day on their week on their life, so where am I?

The seasons have their rhythm, Christmas, st Georges day, Easter, Guy Fawkes and others are observed, with the buildings decorted accordingly.

There are those who control the music, mainly tunes from one era, the era of their hayday, these are played and played and sung along to, unless of course someone younger makes a radical choice which is often bemoaned as being too trendy or inappropriate for the occasion.

A community which welcomes it own with open arms, but on the whole is sexist, racist and homophonic , so were am I?

I am humbled by the way they care for each other, yes there is plenty of gossip, and moaning about the way things are and the way they are not as they once were, but this little community know how to gather around one another to offer support, in this community those without work are found work and those without a home and Christmas day, gather for lunch and eat together as family.

So where am I, my local or my local church?

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