Friday, 23 March 2012

getting ready for easter

So it's going to be a busy time for us over the next couple of weeks.

We are having a two day children holiday club, a passover/ birthday community meal for me!! Steve and I are taking the Easter sunday morning service at brentwood Bap and then we have our easter 'thing' ( can;t think of a better word for it!) down the pub.

We have no idea who will come, we have no way of even knowing if anyone will come!! Still we plan/ pray and try to discern what God will have us do in these encounters.

Thank you for your support to us here. Over this easter people who would never consider going to a 'normal' church will hear parts of if not all of the Easter story.

A story which i'm still convinced is the one thing we have to offer here on the Hill. People need resurrection life, i can give it, but i can speak of it and live and as we see families come together and people start to hope for a different way of life we can see the seeds of new life growing up.

Next week as a family we're going to a family event of some friends of ours, some friends whose life has been changed by resurrection being found where there was death, God still brings new life to the darkest of places, and i at times a struggle with the faith to believe that we'll see it on harold Hill, but i do believe, please pray we see it over the coming weeks.

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