Thursday, 5 July 2012

Mr Grey!

So it seems to me everyone and i mean everyone is reading Mr Grey and most of my mates on Harold Hill are seems to be enjoying the experience (Female mates that is!)
So as a follower if Jesus what should my response be? I did ask the question by twitter, but no one seem interested or had an answer.

So for what it's worth here are some thoughts from someone who has only read the 'contract' part of the book, but has had tons of banter with people who have!

  • This is not new, earlier generations had mills and boon! 
  • Is this a challenge to men to be engaging in sex that listens to what a woman wants?
  • God loves sex, he made it and so I think Jesus would have an opinion on this. 
  • The contract part of the book ( the contract is basically about the man owning the woman for sex as he wants it and when he wants it, without relationship or true commitment) made me think that this mirrors the unhealthy way so many men view their relationship with women, just without the contract.  
  • Relationship based on this sort of one side contract, could work, but can't be healthy. It seems to my that most of the bible is about us understanding who God is and how to be in relationship with Him and the others around us, these relationships are based on giving for the benefit of the other, not just about taking. I'm not sure Mr Grey is in this for anyone other then himself. 
  • It has been suggested to me that Mr Gray is teaching this lady what she really wants and maybe she(and those reading about their sex) are learning about sex, but can you really learn about the wonder of Sex without being in an truly commitment relationship? 
  • Most worryingly is this book encouraging a view of sex which is not about sex but about victimising and violence towards women. I'd probably need to read it which i'm not going to do to be able to explained on this point more, but if it is about the abuse of women, even subtly then it's not healthy, women were made by God to mirror who He is not to be 'objects' owned by men!

Note to church leader types! 
  • Why is the church so quiet about this book- we don't think sex is bad and our silence about a cultural event shows that yet again we're running behind the real lives of those we would love to know about Jesus and the hope He breathes into our relationships. And if this book is endorsing violence  against women then surely we should be speaking up! 

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