Friday, 13 November 2009

Still no Baby!

People keep asking what we’re up too, well we see this year as a year of listening, listening to God about the shape and structure of the church, listening to Harold Hill and Listening to each other. Having a team is brilliant!, and Lauren an Steve have already brought so much to the group.

If you’re looking for a biblical justification for what we are doing there are two main bits. Firstly in the Old Testament book of Nehemiah, Nehemiah (in chapter 2) spend time assessing the situation, he was only looking at the walls, we’re looking at a community of 30000 people and so we don’t want to rush.

Secondly is the fact that Jesus spent about 30 years just being in a community, so if he spent time fitting in, so can we! In an age were everyone one wants every now people have forgotten that sometimes in the bible God did things straight away and other times thing took years. So were happy to be spending this time listening to him.

Please pray for me I start to Youth Work Jobs next week (if there is not baby) which I’m really looking forward to.

Please pray for steve and Lauren

Please pray the baby comes and all is well!!


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