Friday, 6 November 2009


I'm not that keen on this whole waiting game thing! Waiting for shorter child number three and waiting for the right opporunties on HH is not easy.

Keen this first year clear to be spending the time waiting on God and getting to know the local community is not going to be easy, there is so much pressure internally to get going and yet this waiting game is all part of that.

Steve and Lauren our new tema members start this week which is really exciting and we're going to be psending loads of time just gettin to know each other and be praying for our new community.

Please pray for them as they settle into HH and for us as we wait.

Please be praying as we are having serveral ooportunities to help support other agencies such as the local youth service and the local sure start centre. Pray for balance of time!!

See you next week, maybe with some baby photos!!


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