Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Feed back from our first event about what our friends think about church.

These questions were asked by Steve and Alison on the 4th Nov 2010 at our first gathering, time was short, but people spoke freely and it was a good time.

What type of community do you want to be a part of?

Doing stuff for the Homeless, elderly, foster care Etc

Care for others


Parent and Toddler groups

Sunday school

Celebrating time in year which bring people together ( Christmas, Easter)

CRB’s- a community in which kids are safe.

Meeting people where they are

A range of generations (Adopt a granny)

Mixture of time with and with Kids.

What does ‘church’ look like? (the answers given where based either on peoples hopes of what church could be like and on negative experience people have had)

A community Cold Families

Warmth Kids groups Like it to be fun instead of boring

Friendly Sunday School Boy bridage

Group of people Lecturing Is belonging just about believing in God

Doing stuff

When would like church gatherings to be ?


Thursday or Friday evening

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