Friday, 3 January 2014

Did we get the balance right? Did we do too much telling and not enough living!

Over the month of December we as a team had a number of amazing opportunities to share the good news of Jesus at Christmas. We had the local youth centre Christmas faye, the Harold Hill Light switch on, a church Christmas meal, and the pub carol service and other. All were good fun, all we very time consuming. All meant that the relationships I have suffered ( at home and in the community).

But to be honest we weren't say much new- People on the Hill tend to know the story the local school all have nativity based school shows.

Would it have been better to send the time and energy explain the "so what" of the Christmas story and helping people understand how understanding it can free us from some of the trap of the "material" Christmas.

Is part of the problem that so much of the what the church does fits so neatly into the material christmas?

I know as a Dad I'm struggling with what my children learn about life through the way we celebrate christmas.

Is Christmas seen too much as proclamation time of year over a discipleship opportunity?

Would churches and communities be healthier if the time, energy and money poured into telling people what most know and used for helping the saints live it and understand the So what of the christmas story?

I think next year less will be more for us at church1v23

(PHOTO: LIZ doing some out on the streets time with some art work- Inspired by Chris Duffet)

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