Friday, 17 January 2014

I think I have been unfaithful-

This is my confession- Sorry I've given the attention and love I promised to one, to another!!

It's not that I meant to, it's just that I've been really busy and not have the time to love as I want too.

The look in the others eyes said to me love me, care for me and touch me!

I felt as if I could only say yes!!

I wish I had given more time to the things which matter, then at least I could have show love to both!

I wish I could say no as often as I say yes.

If only I could make decisions based on what I'm called to do and not on what will massage my ego and pride, then maybe i would not come home smelling of another.

If I could just remember the amazing things God has put into my hand and stop trying to add more and more, maybe I wouldn't be so so guilt right now.

God, you have been so good to me, help me to be good to what you have given me and stop taking what you have given to another.

[Some lovely friends have had a baby, they have a dog. I have helped look after that dog while they were having the baby. My faithful and often ignored dog is asking "how come you can make time for to play, stoke and walk another, but not for me. How can you come home smelling of another?"]

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