Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Last week!

Last week two things happened. Which are going to provide us with an opportunity to serve Jesus and his kingdom in our local community.

First on Wednesday Terry the partner of the pub land lord died of cancer. I'm doing the funeral on monday and would really value you prayers.

Secondly we had a gathering for people we knew on Thursday night. We invited only people we knew personally and those we felt could do with being part of a community. (for example we did not invite people from the pun as at is already a community and our desire is to see the gospel in the pub community, not to take people out of pub community. )

The night included food, family activities, a kind of Kids club and a discussion with the adults about ' what do they think church should be like. And loads of fire works.

The night was amazing and we are now starting a weekly community meal at our house on a thursday night.

As a team we still have so much to work through , but it is amazing what is happening. Thank you for your support.


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