Tuesday, 16 November 2010

why living in a community is so important.......

Most people will know that as a team we've spent large amount of time just being on Harold Hill.

So would ask is this a good use of time?

Yesterday at the funeral i was greeted by a man who said..... You have breakfast in the cafe don't you?

Also at the funeral were...........grandparents of one of Caleb's school friends, the parents of one of Calebs school friends, someone who i did the funeral for his brother in law as well as all those i know from the pub.

bit by bit people will realise and come to know that we are Christians who are committed to being part of and being on Harold Hill and slowly will trust us a people who are different but the same;

It's also a real challenging because you never know how you're going to meet and that you need to be a follower of Jesus everywhere, because people will know if you are not!!

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